IMG_20180705_142839_278Marilyn is Breakthrough Theatre’s first professionally produced production. The show gives an indepth look at the life behind the public persona of Marilyn Monroe and focuses on the real woman who sits alone in her dressing room. Check out our tour page for more info about where you can see our production in 2019!

Our conversation began when we decided we wanted to create work about iconic women: Myra Hindley, Joan of Arc, Princess Diana and others we all discussed but it was only when we started discussing Marilyn that we felt we had found the perfect fit. We were intrigued by how, after so many years, people are still so fascinated by her.

Her image and persona is famous worldwide but why was she so iconic? We wanted to tell a story that had never been told and the more we read about Marilyn the more we discovered there was so much more to her story than people know. Did people ever really know the real girl behind the mask? Or is that the reason for the on going fascination?

Marilyn premiered  at  the  Blue  Orange Theatre  in July 2017 as part of 2017 Birmingham Fest Theatre Festival and was incredibly well received. It then went on to make it’s West End transfer to Leicester Square Theatre at the beginning of this year. After an incredibly successful run ‘Marilyn’ is about to embark on a nationwide tour.


Who is Marilyn Monroe? One of the most iconic women in history, yet the world still asks the question, did we really know who she was? Did she?

This play explores the life and death of Marilyn Monroe to discover who the real woman was behind the glitz and glamour that made her so well known.

Marilyn’s story, told by Marilyn – alone in her dressing room, not the girl in that white dress with the pouting red lips and the curvaceous figure.
Marilyn Monroe stripped back and bare – just an ordinary girl telling her story.

Check out our trailer for exclusive clips of the show!